Being open-minded to WONDER is the source of creating something magic in your life.


I received the inspiration for my first book whilst sailing around the Maltese Islands attending a Feminine Awakening luxury retreat with dating & relationship coach, Sami Wunder. Upon realising the islands were where the movie, Count of Monte Cristo, was filmed, I was suddenly captivated by the idea that I was living in this story myself. Like Dantes, I felt that I could break out of my metaphoric prison to find my treasure.


Wonder Woman in Disguise is the result!


I realised the poetry I had been writing over the years told a story of transformation just as magical. It describes a defeated heroine on her journey of discovering a rich inner treasure and self-worth. She travelled from despair to hope, suffering to strength, and loneliness to love.

It was my Mother who had been the poet. Yet after her death in 2012, I started weaving words into poems that initially spoke deeply of my trauma, pain and grief. It was unexpected talent that emerged out of nowhere, yet in sharing it with others I realised it had the power to move and inspire. I found the poetry was not just an avenue of self-expression, but one of wise guidance that set me on the path to healing and love.


I published to share my personal story with others in a very brave and vulnerable telling of my trials, in the hope it would inspire others to not give up. After the turmoil of fighting chronic ill health, suicidal thoughts, and hopelessness, the pinnacle reached was attaining inner peace and meeting a wonderful man.

I do not just write poetry. I have a vivid imagination, having written many fictional short stories and been an aspiring author since my teen years, inspired first by my foster mother. My passion is for fantasy, crime fiction and more than a dash of romance. My favourite author of all time is Agatha Christie. For the best character, I vote for Lisbeth Salander in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Of course, my favourite story of all is The Count of Monte Cristo and the romance of Beauty and the Beast. 

My day job is as a shift worker, where my days are sometimes nights. It doesn’t stop me from keeping the magic of wonder alive in my imagination and in my writing, regularly sharing blogs and short stories, whilst creating my first novel.


An avid reader, gym enthusiast and happiest-at-home introvert, I think my sensitivity is a gift and a curse, yet it gives me a deep insight into the hearts of others. I am still 21 inside, with a grown-up daughter who has left the nest. My recent adventure to find fairy-tale true love has been rewarded and I live with my superhero soul-mate in Australia and we both love to travel overseas.

Keep an eye out for my next venture into publishing fiction. Updates and previews will follow if you would like to keep in touch.

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