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"It is my belief that Melanie Lambert’s Wonder Woman in Disguise should be shared with as many people as possible."


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"This book is inspiring for anyone to read who is going through or has gone through hardship. 10/10 a must read!"

Caitlin Scarlett Coleman


“I feel like this book could have been written for me... I find these poems accurate about how I am feeling and deeply moving. I read the book quickly, but it is a volume I will return to many times, some poems hitting me particularly powerfully.“

Iseult Murphy, Author of Zoo of the dead and other horrific tales.



“...Although I am not a poems person, I have to say this was one of the best reads I ever had... they made me think and look at my world and the world around me a lot differently.  Thank you for many of the epiphanies that I arrived at after reading your book. I enjoyed it immensely.”

Michael Davis



“... A foreword and preface that is so well written I didn’t want it to end... Thank you for letting me read your story it deserves a place on shelves among its rivals. Well done.”

Victor Paul Scerri


"A testament to beautifully written modern poets. She may have designed these prose to overcome her grief and life situations, but I find resonance in her words in my life. Well worth the read."

Erika Shadow


"Wonder Woman in Disguise is a collection of raw and beautifully honest poems about learning to love yourself from rock bottom. Melanie's poems speak to anyone who's ever gone through grief, depression or failed to see their own self worth. Her words inspire and touch a place inside all of us and most of all they remind us that what we need to find the magic in our lives exists within ourselves. I can't wait to share this book with every woman I know."

S.E. Laughter


"A deeply courageous act of self-reflection. I went into this book with some reservations as I don't read much poetry. However my hesitation was quickly dispelled by Melanie Lambert's bravery and vision. She reveals herself completely, without filters of any sort. This is the stuff of grief and depression and self-loathing and believe me she takes you there. Having experienced all of these things her words struck a personal chord with me, and I just know it will with most everyone. Luckily she doesn't leave us in the negative as she finds both love and redemption in the latter part of the book. I enjoyed the combination of essay, poetry, and image as well. I hope people get a chance to see her work as it deserves it."

Bart Mann


"Melanie's book is a radiant and beautifully honest glimpse into a journey of grief and self loathing and finding the magic to believe in one self. Within each page I found a journey into my own life, my own tendency to see myself as not worthy of the happiness that I dream of. Wonder Woman in Disguise is raw and vulnerable and yet there is strength in every inspiring poem. I want to read again and share it with everyone I know. We can be our own heroine. There is magic in us all!"

5 star Review on Amazon


“Oh my God! I’ve just received your book and can’t put it down..... awe inspiring! Words escape me.” 




“Hi Melanie... I am writing to thank you for the words of your healing journey. "The wounded warrior " touched my soul &, if I may be so bold, I think that should be framed & hanging in every hospital ward in the country. ❤️❤️❤️” 


"This is my first time reading a collection of poetry. And I can honestly say I’m glad that Melanie’s Book, WONDER WOMAN IN DISGUISE,  is my first. This collection is deeply profound, heart-wrenching, building up to her overcoming and healing within...doing this is incredibly brave. She put herself out there, for all of us to see everything. I was pulled in, especially about her mum. I went through grief when my mom passed, and we had issues as well. This collection had me in tears, mourning the loss of my mom. At the turning point, you do see a shift in how she was gaining strength and love. Therefore, I ended up feeling positive by the end. I recommend this book because everyone has gone through heartbreak.  This collection could help so many people."

T.L. Reigns


Unloved, raised by a cruel foster-mother, Allura uses her imagination to escape the hardship she is thrust into. Little does she know her imagination will become her greatest weapon and superpower.

“Allura is a delightful story of an orphaned girl down on her luck who dyes her hair red. In quick succession, she experiences a change of fortune and discovers she has an extraordinary power. Was it the hair dye? The dialogue in Allura is fast-paced and engaging. This quirky story draws you in from the first paragraph and holds you through the end.”

Frankie Delson, Author of "Penny"

“Allura is a young woman seeking to find herself after years of hardship. What she discovers is worth the ride in this little thriller.”

Heather Ann Shannon, Author of "Dark Moon"