• Melanie Lambert

An Invincible Heart

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

I have learnt I am not indestructible,

I wonder if I am merely disposable.

The fearful grasping onto safety and security,

makes me seek the strength of surety.

I sometimes wail at that trickster called fate,

the god of chance who left me out too late.

Pain’s wrath makes me scream out no,

fantasy shapes reality in this fearful show.

I struggle to remember new choices are never few,

and past regrets are poison, this is true.

It is my secret wish to be positively seen,

not condemned from what has been.

Yet I find in a willingness to survive,

invincibility of spirit makes me thrive.

The voice of my heart speaks wisdom,

dreams made real arise from a decision.

Requiring little faith in elusive divinity,

just in love, loss, and joy; the human trilogy.

There is no miracle from above to await,

my life is my own to create.

Author & Poet Melanie Lambert

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