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I Wonder... how do I solve boredom?

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Does anyone like feeling bored? I don’t.

Flicking through the TV channels to find something to watch. Endless scrolling of Facebook. Eating for entertainment. Exercising for a hit of endorphins. What is on your list?

Boredom… A lack of interest and dissatisfaction, sometimes even apathy. Mundane repetitiveness that leads to an inability to concentrate because I am craving something else, like a big lotto win for instance! At its worst boredom leads to stagnation and can be a trigger for depression, that vortex of self-destruction for those familiar with this beast.

Personally, boredom makes me succumb to my addiction to chocolate, coffee and carbs in order to fill the void. I experience frustration with this feeling of lack and go on an unsatisfying search for an end to the boredom. Or try to fill it up by stuffing down food. I started wondering what the gap is. What is missing? Why do I feel empty? What is it that I’m wanting? Aargh, just give it to me already.

On this topic, my mind randomly links me with a memory of my mother when she had a dream about dying that she shared with me. She was given a final electricity bill that no one could pay for her. This dream of hers hit me profoundly at the time of her death and still does. It made me imagine an invisible energy source, like that of electricity, that is what our bodies are plugged into. At the end, in the final moments we are charged a bill for using this ‘electricity’.

Perhaps boredom is symbolic of not being ‘plugged in’?

This leap in logic is okay for me because I don’t seem to think like normal people. So, let’s just pretend for a moment that this could be true. All it makes me do is giggle, because there is no point being angry at a toaster not working when it is me that hasn’t turned the power switch on.

Boredom, especially the kind that leads to my addictive behaviour, may be the need to receive whatever this energy is, yet for some reason I am cut off from it and left fuming at my lack of power.

What is this energy source then?

This is where I start hearing poetic words whisper their guidance to me. My mind works in mysterious ways.

“There is an abundant source of wonder and magic,

inside my imaginative mind it is romantic.”

Aha! Perhaps being connected to this energy source is what opens me up to possibility; that inner belief that something new can be created. To be reminded that I am the powerful creator of my life. First I need to plug in to my imagination where it all originates. Anything great that humans have achieved first started as a seed of an idea in someone’s imagination. You can’t create it if you can’t think of it.

It is equally important to be plugged in to the energy source of love and inspiration, to receive our hearts message of hope’s abundance. Dreams and wishes are not just silly fantasies, they are what puts colour on the blank canvas of our lives, instead of dreary black and white.

What is this 'electricity' then powering me to do?

To keep writing. I have even joined a course with The Write Practice. My next wish and new project is to launch into fiction and create a romance story to fall in love with. I am fascinated by the masculine and feminine dynamic, the polar opposites that attract, repel or destroy. But more than anything I love love.

If I am going to pay my final electricity bill one day, might as well pay for something good.

What about you?

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