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I Wonder... how do I start again, again?

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Apparently writing a book and then publishing is the 'wrong' way to do it. Who would have thought? You’d think finishing a book would be the hard part. Turns out writing is the easy part.

There are so many standards to meet to be called a writer. I might not reach any of them, but I am still a Writer with a capital W. A writer is who I am as a person. I personally do not know anyone who writes for the money or prestige, it is a labor of love for many authors. The effort behind a published book is extraordinarily challenging. Nevertheless, I will always write. It is my selfish pleasure and is the best medicine for my health and well-being.

Yet, I sat on my writing talent for all this time, kept it hidden in journals and wasn’t brave enough to share publicly until the pain of my mother’s death gave me the outlet through poetry that I shared on social media – and is now in a published book, Wonder Woman in Disguise. It has been an incredible experience to come out of my shell and be who I’m meant to be.

However, there is one thing all writers do need and that is readers! I used to write for myself alone, but now I’m wanting to write to connect with you, my dear reader.

So, I’m starting from the beginning and have gone back to school. I'm starting again, again. I’m doing this awesome class with The Write Practice and am working with some other incredible writers, who like me are starting from scratch to become more of who they already are.

Hence, I have some exciting news! I am about to launch my brand new fiction writing out into the world and I would love to know what you think of the eBook, a short story called:


Can thoughts kill?

Unloved, raised by a cruel and uncaring foster-mother, Allura uses her imagination to escape the hardship she is thrust into. Little does she know her imagination will become her greatest weapon and superpower.

“Allura is a delightful story of an orphaned girl down on her luck who dyes her hair red. In quick succession, she experiences a change of fortune and discovers she has an extraordinary power. Was it the hair dye? The dialogue in Allura is fast-paced and engaging. This quirky story draws you in from the first paragraph and holds you through the end.”

Frankie Delson, Author of "Penny"

“Allura is a young woman seeking to find herself after years of hardship. What she discovers is worth the ride in this little thriller.”

Heather Ann Shannon, Author of "Dark Moon"

Available $0.00 - CLICK HERE.

Author & Poet Melanie Lambert

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