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I Wonder... who is this book for?

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

It is a book for you if you love the courageous hero's journey. The kind that we can often face in real life; to conquer the enemy within and find our treasure.

There is much that strong, achieving women - and men - will be able to relate to in this parable story about a wonder woman in disguise, who exposes what is going on behind the armour to reveal the things we find hard to talk about. The things hardest to feel.

Yet, it is resistance to feeling, expressing and sharing our pain that keeps us stuck, as much as it is uncomfortable to confront. This is not for everyone. However, there is a healing power in relating to others and what they have gone through. It provides a connection that can affect our own well-being.

The poetry that flowed through my pen created a bridge and bond between my sinking fears and a voice of wise guidance. I want others to hear that voice too, because of this kind of feedback:

"I feel like this book could have been written for me... I find these poems accurate about how I am feeling and deeply moving."

Iseult Murphy, Author of Zoo Of The Dead And Other Horrific Tales

“...Although I am not a poems person, I have to say this was one of the best reads I ever had... they made me think and look at my world and the world around me a lot differently. Thank you for many of the epiphanies that I arrived at after reading your book. I enjoyed it immensely.”

Michael Davis

"It went straight to my heart."


"Thank you for the words of your healing journey. "The wounded warrior" touched my soul &, if I may be bold, I think that should be framed & hanging in every hospital ward in the country."


After all, it is not an uncommon human theme to experience:

· The pain of grief, of losing a parent or loved one to death.

· For some, trauma and violence, crime and fear.

· Illness caused by scars that won’t heal.

· Abandonment fears that prohibit trust and safety in love.

· The struggle with monster thoughts fought within.

· A lonely yearning for a soul mate to belong with.

· Dreams that can seem so elusive and unattainable.

The words of encouragement in this book speak directly to the inner hero or heroine. The one whose will to survive and keep breathing despite all the above, is awe inspiring.

This book is about those pivotal moments in life where we get to choose who we truly are; whether to give up on ourselves or to keep fighting, whether to heal or to stay hurt, whether to seek the love we deserve or to hide behind our disguise.

Jane, the founder of Babe Coaching said to me:

“Story telling is one of the most valuable ways that we share, connect and relate to each other. Yours is adding to the collective human experience and making it more rich and interesting.“

Yes! Stories and their symbolism speak to the mind and heart in a way that other learning does not. Overall, the easy to read 74 page story is entertaining, eye-opening and I think one of profound comfort. It is a collection of years' worth of inspired thoughts that helped me find a way to let happiness in, after going through my toughest times. Now I am feeling a little mystified that they are out in the world having the same impact as they did for me.

This is no longer telling my story alone. It may be yours too.

Like a balm, Wonder Woman In Disguise will speak to those inner wounds, one's dreams, and the heart. It will uplift with the spirit of kindness and high regard for the sometimes vulnerable, yet wonderful soul inside.

Give this gift to yourself. It won’t let you down as a reminder of your greatness and strength.

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